At the moment there are 39 Minecraft caricatured characters. Find this 39 faces below, one for each character. Click the ones you want to see larger. Then you can print the image or save it to your computer, very quick and easy!

All faces of Minecraft characters

Bat faceBlaze faceCave Spider faceChicken faceCow faceCreeper faceElder Guardian face
Enderdragon faceEnderman faceEndermite faceEvoker faceGhast faceGuardian faceHusk faceIron Golem faceKiller Rabbit face
Llama faceMagma Cube faceMooshroom faceOcelot facePolar Bear facePig faceRabbit faceSheep faceShulker face
SilverfishSkeleton faceSlime faceSnowgolem faceSquid faceSteve faceVillager faceVindicator faceVex face
Witch faceWither faceWither Skeleton faceWolf faceSpider face
Stray faceZombie faceZombie Pigman faceZombie Villafer face
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