Minecraft faces

At the moment we have the faces of 69 Minecraft creatures. Below you can find all 69 faces of these creatures. Click on any of the faces you want to learn more about. You will then be able to print the image of that creature or save it to your computer, very quick and easy!

All faces of Minecraft characters

Allay face Axolotl face Bat face Bee face Blaze face Cat face Camel face Cave Spider face Chicken face Cow face Creeper face Dolphin face Drowned face Elder Guardian face Enderdragon face Enderman face Endermite face Evoker face Fox face Frog face Ghast face Glow Squid face Guardian face Hoglin face Husk face Illusioner face Iron Golem face Killer Rabbit face Llama face Magma Cube face Mooshroom face Ocelot face Panda face Parrot face Parrot face Pig face Piglin Brute face Piglin face Polar Bear face Rabbit face Ravager face Sheep face Shulker face Skeleton face Silverfish Slime face Sniffer face Snowgolem face Squid face Steve face Spider face Stray face Strider face Tadpole face Turtle face Villager face Vindicator face Vex face Warden face Witch face Wither face Wither Skeleton face Wolf face Wandering Trader face Zoglin face Zombie face Zombified Piglin face Zombie Pigman face Zombie Villafer face