1.8 Minecraft version’s new faces update

Wow! It’s now a year since I did this site, the time past so fast…

When I created this web page we had the 1.7.x of Minecraft version, and so its respective creatures. Along the time the game has been updated several times until its last version 1.8, which revealed new mobs and animals.

With my last site page update you can find new faces according to the mobs in this last 1.8.x Minecraft version. Therefore you will be able to use the following faces for your new projects: rabbit, killer rabbit, guardian, elder guardian and endermite.

I hope that won’t be long for a new 1.9 version so that I can add many more faces for this project. This would mean to have more variety of enemies and animals in the game, a thing that would be very good from my point of view.