1.9 Minecraft version’s new faces update

So here we are again. This time I haven’t had much work to update the site with Minecraft’s new version, since the added creatures in the Minecraft 1.9 is quite small.

Only “two” new characters have been added to this version, in your face list you only will find one of them though. It is the Shulker, an End City habitant.

The other creature is Skeleton Horse, that’s it, an skeleton riding a horse skeleton. This are two creatures that can’t have the same face, but anyway you have the Shulker, so you can use this new face for your projects.

In the last few days we have seen some new creatures that belong to Minecraft 1.10, like the polar bear and a new kind of skeleton. So we hope to have more work to add faces here in the next update. Enjoy it!