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Meanwhile we await for the launch of the 1.14 Minecraft’s version, we have created a new section to post the faces of the new creatures that will be added in this version. The section is ccalled Minecraft Characters.

In this new section you will find information in regards of different features of the Minecraft creatures. This information is about the look, how they behave and the spawning, as well as some curiosities about each one.

If you want to know more about Minecraft’s creatures, benyond how they faces are, don’t forget to takea look to the new section: Minecraft Characters.

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Here we are! Fresh and ready to update our website with the new Minecraft characters’ faces that have been lately added in the current version 1.13 of Minecraft.

The new creatures are the Dolphin, who loves swimming and jump across the seas, the Drowned, will follow you under the marine depths. Also, the Phantom who will follow you if you don’t sleep enough. And there is also the Turtle which is simply adorable!

Enjoy the new faces for your personal projects! Well, and enjoy Minecraft 1.13, for sure!

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Oh my gosh! We arrive so late!

It is about to be released the new Minecraft 1.13 version and yet and we still haven’t posted for you the new creatures that were introduced in the version 1.12.

But it’s fixed now because we just posted the two new creatures that were added in that version. The Parrot, which is a great dancer and can jump on your shoulder, and the Illusioner, that belongs to the Illagers.

His faces are ready for you to enjoy 🙂

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We come back with lots of new faces! Ok, no, there are only four but this is quite enough by now!

In this new version of Minecraft it’s designers have added one new structure that is generated in the world, which is called Woodland Mansion and you will find “Illagers” there. They are the Vindicator, the Evoker and the Vex. So from this moment you will find here in our site these new faces, even tough there are more.

A new animal has been added in this version of the game, we are introducing Llama, a fun animal that has a curious way to welcome the Minecraft wolfs. Now you will be able to use its face for your personal crafts.

We hope you enjoy the new faces as well as the new version of the game!

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Hi! Here I bring new faces for your own Minecraft Projects!

Even tough there are quite a lot of news in 1.10 Minecraft’s version, you only will find three new faces. The new creators added in this version of the game are the Polar Bear, the Stray and the Husk, so, there is one animal and two monster which are variants from the current ones.

The Polar Bear is a neutral animal that you can find in the snow biomas. It only attacs when is hitted or when there is a baby polar bear nearby. The Stray, which is a skeleton variation, is hostile, and can be also found in the snow biomas. The last one is the Husk, which is a variation of a Zombie and that you can find in the desert biomes. It is an hostile crature too.

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So here we are again. This time I haven’t had much work to update the site with Minecraft’s new version, since the added creatures in the Minecraft 1.9 is quite small.

Only “two” new characters have been added to this version, in your face list you only will find one of them though. It is the Shulker, an End City habitant.

The other creature is Skeleton Horse, that’s it, an skeleton riding a horse skeleton. This are two creatures that can’t have the same face, but anyway you have the Shulker, so you can use this new face for your projects.

In the last few days we have seen some new creatures that belong to Minecraft 1.10, like the polar bear and a new kind of skeleton. So we hope to have more work to add faces here in the next update. Enjoy it!

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Wow! It’s now a year since I did this site, the time past so fast…

When I created this web page we had the 1.7.x of Minecraft version, and so its respective creatures. Along the time the game has been updated several times until its last version 1.8, which revealed new mobs and animals.

With my last site page update you can find new faces according to the mobs in this last 1.8.x Minecraft version. Therefore you will be able to use the following faces for your new projects: rabbit, killer rabbit, guardian, elder guardian and endermite.

I hope that won’t be long for a new 1.9 version so that I can add many more faces for this project. This would mean to have more variety of enemies and animals in the game, a thing that would be very good from my point of view.

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We are starting up a new website, to show to all of you, all the existing Minecraft faces.

Minecraft has lots of items, so, why we are creating a new site about Minecraft character’s faces?

Very easy, one day I was searching for character’s faces to make a personal craft and I couldn’t find them, I only found smaller ones. Therefore I decided to improve their quality and resolution to get the character’s faces in big dimensions.

Was in that moment when I realised that if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, It was possible that other people experimented the same, so I end up building this new website to share the images in larger dimensions.

I have other few ideas in mind, that I’m going to develop in a short time, by the way, I hope that this website can be useful for you.