New section: Minecraft Characters

Meanwhile we await for the launch of the 1.14 Minecraft’s version, we have created a new section to post the faces of the new creatures that will be added in this version. The section is ccalled Minecraft Characters. In this new section you will find information in regards of different features of the Minecraft creatures. … Read more

1.13 Minecraft version’s new faces update

Hellooooo! Here we are! Fresh and ready to update our website with the new Minecraft characters’ faces that have been lately added in the current version 1.13 of Minecraft. The new creatures are the Dolphin, who loves swimming and jump across the seas, the Drowned, will follow you under the marine depths. Also, the Phantom … Read more

1.8 Minecraft version’s new faces update

Wow! It’s now a year since I did this site, the time past so fast… When I created this web page we had the 1.7.x of Minecraft version, and so its respective creatures. Along the time the game has been updated several times until its last version 1.8, which revealed new mobs and animals. With … Read more

Why a site of Minecraft faces?

We are starting up a new website, to show to all of you, all the existing Minecraft faces. Minecraft has lots of items, so, why we are creating a new site about Minecraft character’s faces? Very easy, one day I was searching for character’s faces to make a personal craft and I couldn’t find them, … Read more