Minecraft Bee


Bees are neutral animals, so they will not attack us unless we attack them. If we attack them, they will attack us by stinging us with their stinger and producing a poison effect on the players. Bees, unlike other animals in the game, have a place to live, in hives and apiaries.

Bee behavior

Although it may seem otherwise, bees do not fly like Ender Dragon or ghosts do, but they stay in the air a few blocks above the ground, just like bats do. Bees are arthropods, so we can cause them more damage if we attack them with a sword that has the Arthropods’ Doom enchantment. Bees can be tied with a rope, whether they are relaxed or angry.

Bee spawning – How to spawn bees?

The generation of bees depends on beehives or bee nests, so it would be correct to say that beehives can be generated in the lowland, forest and hill biomes. For each bee nest, three bees will be generated.

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is the Minecraft Bee Face. You can download and print it.