Minecraft Characters

Currently are about 54 characters or mobs in Minecraft that we can classify in 6 general groups, depending on if they are: hostile, passive, tamable, neutral, bosses and utility. Let’s see it!


Minecraft Blaze Minecraft Creeper Minecraft Drowned Minecraft Elder Guardian Minecraft Endermite Minecraft Evoker Minecraft Ghast Minecraft Guardian Minecraft Hoglin Minecraft Husk Minecraft Magma Cube Minecraft Phantom Minecraft Ravager
Minecraft Silverfish Minecraft Skeleton Minecraft Slime Minecraft Shulker Minecraft Spider Jockey Minecraft Stray Minecraft Vex Minecraft Vindicator Minecraft Witch Minecraft Wither Skeleton Minecraft Zombie


Minecraft Bat Minecraft Cat Minecraft Chicken Minecraft Cow Minecraft Fox Minecraft Mooshroom Minecraft Ocelot Minecraft Panda Minecraft Parrot Minecraft Pig Minecraft Sheep Minecraft Squid Minecraft Strider
Minecraft Turtle Minecraft Villager


Minecraft Bee Minecraft Cave Spider Minecraft Dolphin Minecraft Enderman Minecraft Piglin Minecraft Polar Bear Minecraft Spider Minecraft Zombie Pigman


Minecraft WolfMinecraft HorseMinecraft Llama


Minecraft EnderdragonMinecraft Wither


Minecraft SnowgolemMinecraft Iron Golem