Minecraft Chicken

Chicken character

Chickens are passive creatures. They have yellow legs, white feathers and wings, black eyes, orange beak and red wattles. They are an important food source for our character because they can be cooked. Moreover, you can take their feathers to create arrows for your bows as well as eggs to generate chicks.

Chicken behavior

Cicken wander over the world without any criteria, though they tend to search for light when they are in dark places. They lay eggs each 7,5 minutes. They will follow you every time you have seeds in your hands. You can make two chickens spawn if you give seeds to both of them. In that moment you will see that hearts are appearing and they will join for a moment, until appears a chick. A chick will grow to an adult after 20 minutes. If you burn a Chicken to the death, it will appear a piece of Chicken already cooked.

Chicken spawning

These animals can be at any part of the Minecraft Overworld, always that there are grass blocks and the light level at 9 or more.

How to tame a chicken in Minecraft

The chickens cannot be tamed by the players, the only thing we players can do is to get the chickens to follow us. To achieve this, we will have to place seeds in our character’s hand.

How to lure chickens in Minecraft

The easiest way to attract chickens to us, or wherever we want, is by placing seeds in the hands of our Minecraft character.

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is the Minecraft Chicken Face. You can download and print it.