Minecraft Cow

Cow character

Cow are passive animals. Its body is brown and it has some spots in grey, both in on the body and the face. They have dark eyes, a big mouth and big pink ears. They are an important food source for the player because you can eat its meat and drink its milk to destroy potion effects as well as use its leather to build the most basic armor.

Cow behavior

These craetures wander arround the world without any specific direction. Though as like other animals they usually are attracted by lights when they are in a dark place. Cows, a part from walking, can jump blocks from one high, and they don’t have any danger feeling, so that you often can see cows jumping down hillsides, dying after the impact. Cows will follow you always that you hold wheat in your hands. To make the spawn, give them wheat to both of them, so they will join and a baby cow will appear.

Cow spawning

These animals can appear in every zone of Minecraft Overworld. They always appear in groups between 4 and 12 cows.

What do cows eat in Minecraft

We can often see cows wandering around the world, occasionally ducking their heads to eat grass from the ground.

How to tame a cow in Minecraft

Cows cannot be tamed in Minecraft. What we can do is to make them follow our character. To get a cow to follow us, or several cows, we will have to place wheat in our character’s hand.

How to milk a cow in Minecraft

Players will be able to get milk from any adult cow. The first thing we have to do is to make an iron bucket and place it in the character’s hand. With the bucket in the hand, right click the mouse to fill the bucket with milk.

How high can cows jump

Cows, like most other animals in Minecraft are only capable of one block high jumps. It is for this reason that they are usually enclosed with wooden fences, which are only one block high. Since they cannot jump more than one block, they cannot escape from the fence.

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is the Minecraft Cow Face. You can download and print it.