Minecraft Endermite


The Endermite is a hostile creature from the End dimension, although it can be artificially generated in the Overworld. Its body is relatively small compared to the rest of the creatures in the game. Its size is even smaller than the size of a Silverfish.

Its small body is purple, while its eye is red. Like other creatures of the End dimension, including the Enderman (although it appears in the Overworld), its body emits purple particles. A small tail emerges from the back of its body.

Endermite behavior

Although the Endermite is not naturally generated in any biome in the game, nor in any particular dimension, it can appear when a player casts an Ender Pearl. The probability of this happening is only 5%. Its detection range of nearby players is 16 blocks around.

The Endermite represents an arthropod, so we can cause more damage if we use a weapon with the Arthropod’s Doom enchantment. Although its low level of life means that we can defeat them without needing this enchantment.

Endermite spawning

This creature is not generated naturally in the game. The only time an Endermite can be generated is when a player throws an Ender’s Pearl, and it hits the ground. The probability of generating an Endermite when the Ender’s Pearl hits the ground is 5%.

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