Minecraft Evoker


The Evoker is a hostile creature that can only be found inside the Woodland Mansion, specifically inside one of its rooms. It is a creature that does not use the melee to attack, but performs ranged attacks and summons other entities. Together with the Vindicator, the Plunderer, the Devastator and the Illusioner, they form the group of Illagers.

His face is similar to that of a villager, only the color of his skin is gray. They have a large nose, green eyes and large black eyebrows. They wear a black tunic with a vertical line of golden yellow. Underneath they wear blue-gray pants.

Evoker behavior

This creature is always wandering around inside one of the rooms of the Woodland Mansion. It is able to detect players as long as they are within a radius of eight blocks around it. Its first intention is to flee from the player, but it will end up attacking, as it has no room to escape from the player.

The Evoker always attacks from a distance, as it does not have the ability to attack melee. It possesses two different spells, fang attacks, which are a kind of pincers that “bite” the player, the summoning of the vex.

Evoker spawning

The only place where an Evoker will naturally appear is inside one of the rooms that make up the Woodland Mansion. Unlike other creatures in the game, after killing an Evoker, no more entities will spawn.

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