Minecraft Hoglin


The Hoglin is a hostile creature, based on the warthog, that is naturally generated in the Nether dimension. It is a creature that, despite being hostile, players can make it reproduce. It is the main source of food, for players, in the Nether dimension.

The Hoglin is an animal that walks on all fours. It has a large body and from its back emerges a mane of black hair. Its head also has considerable dimensions. Its eyes are white and it has enormous fangs.

Hoglin behavior

Hoglins roam the Crimson Forest biome, avoiding distorted mushrooms, even if they are in a pot. As with other creatures of the Nether, Hoglins cannot swim and drown in water.

The Hoglin has the ability to detect nearby players within a 32-block radius. Its attack consists of punching and throwing players through the air, even if they are equipped with a shield. Baby Hoglins also attack players, although they will run away if we attack them, but they do not have the strength to throw them into the air. Hoglins do not prevent players from sleeping.

As with Piglins, if a Hoglin crosses the Nether dimension and appears in the Overworld dimension, or in the End, it will become a Zoglin, which represents a zombified version of the Hoglin.

Hoglin spawning

Hoglins are a creature that can only be generated naturally in the Nether dimension, specifically in the Crimson Forest biome and in the stables of the Bastion Remnants.

Hoglins will always spawn in groups of three to four individuals, and as with Piglins, there is a 5% chance that when a Hoglin spawns it will appear as a baby Hoglin.

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