Minecraft Iron Golem

Iron Golem character

Iron Golems are creatures form the big dimentions. Its body is from iron, their arms are long and strong. A big brown nose stands out from its face, its eyes are red and black, and it has like climbing plants all over the body.


These creatures are in charge of protect both villargers and players, when anyone of them is attacked for an hostil creature. They are always in the villages and they do not go far away because its objective is defend the villages from the zombie attacks. They walk quite slow but they have a powerful attack and a good defend, that’s why the become very well defenders from villagers and players.


Comparing Iron Golem from Snow Golems, they can be found, as mentioned, in the villagers to protect them, however, they also can be creater by the player. To invoke an Iron Golem, the player will have to place an iron block on the ground, on it other three blocks more in horizontal position, and finally in the middle of these three iron blocks, the player will have to place the head. Then will automatically appear an Iron Golem!

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is theĀ Minecraft Iron Golem Face. You can download and print it.