Minecraft Piglin


The Piglin is a neutral creature that inhabits the Nether dimension. They are creatures that love gold, so if we have a piece of gold armor, they will not attack us. The Piglins formerly extracted all the pure Netherite from the Nether, so now we can only get fragments, or remnants of Netherite.

The Piglin has a face very similar to that of a pig, but with white eyes. It has a snout, fangs and ears of large dimensions. Its skin is pinkish in color, but a little browner than the skin of a normal pig. His clothing consists of short pants, with a gold buckle, and a dark brown shirt.

Piglin behavior

Contrary to what it may seem the Piglin is a neutral creature, as it will attack us whenever it detects us except if we are wearing a piece of gold armor, be it boots, breastplate, helmet or pants. This is what makes this hostile creature a neutral creature.

By contrast, baby Piglins are passive creatures that will always try to play with other baby Piglins. Their way of playing consists of running, chasing and riding on top of Hoglins, which is why we may see three baby Piglins riding on top of a Hoglin. Unlike other baby creatures in Minecraft, baby Piglins will never become adults. That is, they will not grow up, they will always be babies.

Piglins love gold, and if they see that we possess this mineral resource we can hear them snorting with envy. They have the ability to open wooden doors. They cannot swim and will drown in water. If a Piglin is transported to the Overworld dimension it will become a Zombified Piglin, a zombified version of the Piglin, which in turn is what in previous versions of the game was a Zombie Pigmen.

Piglin spawning

The natural generation of these creatures only takes place in the Nether dimension, specifically in the Nether Wastes, Crimson Forest and Bastion Remnants biomes. Piglins are always generated in groups of four. 5% of the Piglins spawned in the world will spawn as baby Piglin versions.

Adult Piglins can be spawned equipped with between one and four pieces of gold armor. They can even be spawned equipped with enchanted gold armor.

How to make Piglins not attack you

To have some peace in the Nether it is important to make sure that the Piglins do not have our character as a target to eliminate. To stop the Piglins from attacking us, we will have to use a piece of gold armor. It is not necessary to have the complete armor of gold, it will be enough with a single piece of gold in the armor.

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is the Minecraft Piglin Face. You can download and print it.