Minecraft Sheep

Sheep character

Sheeps are friendly creatures that live all arround the Overworld of Minecraft. All the sheeps have brown paws, dark eyes and pink mouth. Almost all the sheeps have white body as it simbolizes real sheep wool. However you can also find them in other natural colors like light grey, dark gray, brown, pink and black, but they are just the 5% of the sheeps. You can change the wool color applying different dyes on its body.

Its main function is to provide wool to the players, from the version 1.8 they can also provide meat tough.

Sheep behavior

Sheeps wander over the ground aimlessly. They do not have any danger sense so you can usually find sheeps in holes or falling down the hills or falling in the lava.

When a sheep is sheared it will lose the major part of its wool, but it will grow again when they eat the grass of the ground. Sheep will be attacked by wolfs when they are alone. As ptjer creatures they will follow the lights when the are in a dark place.

These animals will also follow the player when holding wheat in the hands. To make them breed you have to give wehat at two sheeps. After being together some minutes, a baby sheep will appear.

Sheep spawning

As many other creatures, Sheeps will never appear alone, but in groups of 2 or 8.

What do sheep eat in Minecraft

Sheep eat grass, but not tall grass. When a sheep eats grass from the ground, the grass disappears from the block and becomes a block of soil on which, over time, grass will grow back.

How to tame a sheep in Minecraft

Players have no way to tame sheep, the only thing we can do is to make them reproduce with each other and make them follow us.

How to breed sheep in Minecraft

Players will be able to help sheep reproduce with other sheep to create baby sheep. To achieve this, players will give seeds to one sheep and give seeds to another sheep. Both sheep will join together and give life to a baby sheep.

How to attract sheep in Minecraft

Players can attract, or have sheep follow us, by placing seeds in their character’s hand.

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is the Minecraft Sheep Face. You can download and print it.