Minecraft Shulker


The Shulker are hostile creatures that live in the End dimension, specifically in the End cities, which are located on the outer islands of the End dimension. It is a creature that consists of an outer shell, purple in color, which serves as a shield, and which houses a small yellow head with two eyes. The color of its shell allows it to camouflage with the rest of the purple blocks of the cities.

Shulker behavior

The Shulker opens its shell every one to three seconds to see what is outside. If it detects a player within sixteen blocks of it, it will open its shell completely and start launching projectiles that will chase the player and, after hitting the player, will levitate him for 10 seconds and inflict a damage of two hearts. The projectiles can be avoided with the shield or by attacking them.

When it is protected by its shell we will inflict half as much damage as if it is with its shell open, and we will not be able to inflict damage with the bow and arrows, as it has the ability to deflect the arrows before they hit it.

Shulker generation

The Shulker is only generated in the cities of the End dimension, specifically in the walls of the cities. Unlike many other creatures in the game, after being killed, they do not spawn again in the city.

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