Minecraft Snow Golem

Snow Golem character

The Snow Golem is a creature considered useful, because when it moves it generates snow and if we do not have any snowy biome near us, this golem will allow us to get snow to create snowballs, which we can turn into snow blocks to create new Snow Golems.

His body is formed by three blocks of snow, although his face is covered by the pumpkin. Two sticks protrude from his body, symbolizing his arms.

Snow Golem behavior

These golems move around the world without any specific objective. They are capable of throwing snowballs at hostile creatures, although they will not cause them any damage. As they move along the ground, they leave a trail of snow behind them. These creatures do not follow the player, nor do they follow other creatures.

Snow Golem spawning

Snow Golems are not generated automatically, but have to be generated by the player. To generate a Snow Golem we must place two blocks of snow vertically, and on top of them a block of pumpkin. Then the Snow Golem will appear.

How to make a Snow Golem in Minecraft

Players can make snow golems wherever and whenever they want. To do this, place a block of snow on the ground and on top of it another block of snow. Finally, we will place a carved pumpkin on top of the second block of snow. This will generate our snow golem.

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is the Minecraft Snow Golem Face. You can download and print it.