Minecraft Spider Jockey

Spider Jockey character

Although it is a separate creature, in reality, the Spider Jockey is a combination of two creatures, the skeleton and the spider. Each of them has its own life, so we are talking about a fairly powerful and fast enemy, although difficult to find, as it has a very low appearance rate.

Spider Jockey behavior

This rare creature consists of a spider, on which sits a skeleton. The skeleton sits on the spider’s body, shooting at its targets while taking advantage of the spider’s agility to chase the target.

The Spider Jockey combines the precision and rapid fire of the skeleton with the speed of movement and jumping characteristic of spiders. During the day the skeleton will start to burn if touched by the sun, while the spider will remain intact. On the other hand, if the spider dies, the skeleton will remain standing, like a normal skeleton.

Spider Jockey spawning

The Spider Jockey can only appear when a spider is expected to appear, since there is a 1% probability that when a spider appears, a skeleton mounted on its body will appear, so we are talking about a rare creature.