Minecraft Strider


The Strider is a passive creature that is only naturally generated in the Nether dimension, specifically in the lava lakes. They have the ability to walk on lava and can be ridden, with a saddle, by players.

It is a creature with long legs, no arms and a very large head. Their head is red, except when they emerge from the lava, their head turns lilac and their facial expression changes. From the sides of their head emanates a small group of white hairs.

Strider behavior

The Strider possesses the ability to walk on lava, although in a slower way it can also walk out of lava. When damaged by any entity it will try to flee, while emitting sounds. Water is an element that can damage or even kill them. Both rainwater and water bottles.

Strider spawning

Unlike other Nether creatures, Striders can spawn anywhere in the world, as long as there is a lava lake on which to appear.

They spawn in groups of two to four individuals, and for every adult Strider spawned there is a 10% chance of spawning a baby Strider riding on an adult Strider. Similarly, there is a 3.3% chance that a Zombified Piglin will spawn on a Strider.

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