Minecraft Vex


The Vex is a hostile flying creature, which is only generated when summoned by an Evoker. It is a creature of small dimensions, which has a light blue body, wings protrude from its back, and it carries a sword in its right hand.

Vex behavior

Being a creature that is only summoned by an Evoker, the Vex will always attack any creature indicated by its summoner. They have the ability to move through the air, and will even be able to pass through any solid block, even water. They are also immune to lava and fire.

Hitting a Vex is a complicated task, although luckily, these creatures will start to suffer damage on their own after 30 seconds of appearing, and can resist up to 119 seconds at the most. If a Vex is summoned, but has no target nearby, it will circle, within a range of 15 x 11 x 15 blocks, around its summoner.

Vex spawning

This is a creature that does not appear naturally in the world, but can only appear if summoned by an Evoker. We will be able to tell when an Evoker is going to summon the Vex, because a white smoke appears and emits a high-pitched sound. Each time the Vex is summoned, three individuals will appear. Although the summoner can continue to summon other Vex.

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