Minecraft Villager

Villager Character

Villagers are passive inhabitants who live in villages made up of several dwellings and structures. They have green eyes, a large eyebrow from side to side of their head and a large, distinctive nose protruding from their face. Like the Witches, they always have their arms crossed. Among the Villagers there are several professions, although they are all merchants, allowing the player to trade items with them.

Villager behavior

These beings move around the village constantly, although they never leave it. They are able to open and close doors, so at night or during storms the villagers run into their houses and wait for the storm to end or for dawn to break. Villagers are able to interact with each other or with the player through strange sounds.

Baby Villagers run around the village, and even play tag with other Baby Villagers. They are able to share food with other villagers who do not have any. Villagers in brown dress are able to collect and plant crops.

Villager spawning – How to spawn villagers?

Villagers are only generated in villages and start exploring the village where they have been generated as soon as they appear in the world. They do not depend on degrees of illumination to appear, but depend on the number of doors of the houses, that is to say, depending on the number of houses there will be more or less villagers generated.

How to tame a villager in Minecraft

Villagers are creatures that cannot be tamed by players. The only thing we can do with them is trade.

How to breed villager in Minecraft

Players cannot directly make villagers mate with other villagers. At least not in the same way we can with animals.

How many villager jobs are there in Minecraft

There are currently up to fifteen villager jobs, they are as follows. Armourer. Cleric. Butcher. Farmer. Cartographer. Weaponsmith. Fisherman. Fletcher. Mason. Leatherworker. Librarian. Toolsmith. Shepherd.

How to move a villager in Minecraft

There are two relatively simple ways to move the villagers or make them go where we want them to go. The first is to create train tracks and place the villager inside a wagon. The second is to place a villager in a boat, which will allow us to travel the sea with a villager on board.

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