Minecraft Vindicator


The Vindicator is a hostile creature that only spawns inside the Woodland Mansion. It is one of the five types of Illagers, together with the Evoker, the Illusioner, the Plunderer and the Devastator.

The color of his skin, as with the other Illagers, is dark gray. The Vindicator wears thickly striped green pants and a very dark gray button-down jacket.

Vindicator behavior

When he has no target to attack, the Vindicator paces inside his living room in the Woodland Mansion, arms folded, in a manner similar to that of the villagers.

As soon as he detects an enemy creature near him, he will draw his axe and start chasing his target, at a speed similar to that of a player.

Vindicator spawning

They are only generated inside the rooms of the Woodland Mansion and can be generated from one entity, up to three entities per room. They will always appear accompanying an Evoker.

The Vindicator is always spawned without weapons in its hands, although it takes out an axe when it has to fight. Sometimes Vindicators can be spawned with an enchanted iron axe.

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