Minecraft Zombie

Zombie Character

Zombies are one of the most common creatures in Minecraft, so you can find them everywhere and in large numbers. Their body is green, they wear the same clothes as the main character of Minecraft, Steve, navy blue pants and a light blue-turquoise T-shirt. Zombies always have their arms raised, at shoulder height.

Zombie behavior

Unlike the rest of the creatures that detect the player at 16 blocks away, Zombies detect players up to 40 blocks away. These creatures are capable of breaking through wooden doors. Zombies will burn if they are in the sun, then they will seek shade or seek to get into the water, so as not to burn, although if they detect a player they will come out even if they are burned. If they hit a player while they are burning, they will burn the player.

As these creatures are undead, poison and damage potions will restore their health, while health potions will cause damage. Zombies will also chase and attack Villagers and Iron Golems. In the case of Villagers, a Zombie can infect them and turn them into Zombie Villagers.

Zombie spawning

To appear in the Minecraft Overworld, Zombies need a light level equal to or lower than 7. Zombies always appear in groups of 4 individuals. When a Zombie is generated, there is a 5% chance of appearing as a Zombie Villager, and a 5% chance of appearing as a Baby Zombie. Likewise, a Baby Zombie has a 5% chance of appearing on a chicken.

If you like this creature and in addition to details you want to get its face to make crafts or as a profile of social networks and forums, here is the Minecraft Zombie Face. You can download and print it.